Madlin Mangrum

Let's pretend we're meeting for the first time in real life. I'm smiling, leaning into our conversation because I want to know who you really are, and how I can help you.
I could introduce myself by telling you what I do professionally...

I’m a relational coach. I’m certified by Gallup in Clifton Strengthsfinder coaching. I write and speak on healthy digital balance (Unplugged Central) and building your VFF network (Vital Friends Forever). If you google me, you’ll probably see that I have a law degree (I don’t practice) and I’ve had some success as a serial entrepreneur.

I could also tell you some of my personal passions … I’ve been happily married for 25 years (yes the silver was amazing) and my husband and two children get to be my main coaching targets (especially for healthy digital device balance). I’m a disciple of Jesus, which explains why I love most people, but I’m not actually Jesus, which explains why I still have a few tough relationships.
But enough about me – tell me about you!

How might I be able to help you?