Madlin Mangrum, J.D.

Let's pretend we're meeting for the first time in real life. I'm smiling, leaning into our conversation because I want to know who you really are and how I can help you.
I will start by telling you what I do professionally...

I’m a Gallup certified StrengthsFinder coach and also a Digital Wellbeing coach. I help you discover, appreciate, and develop your God-given talents (aka your “superpowers”).  I help individuals and teams be more engaged, happy and productive through Strengths Discovery workshops and coaching sessions.  I help parents navigate the gaming and social media minefields by sharing tips on Digital Wellness at  I study friendship and I love to teach about the power of “Vital Friends” and building your VFF network (Vital Friends Forever). I was a lawyer a long time ago (I no longer practice) and I’ve been a serial entrepreneur.  For over 10 years I was the CEO of a company that brokered air charter flights for passengers and cargo worldwide (once we flew 7 dolphins from Japan to Mexico!).

I could also tell you some of my personal passions … I’ve been happily married for 27 years and my very patient husband and two children get to be my main coaching targets (especially for healthy digital device balance). I’m a disciple of Jesus, which explains why I love most people, but I’m not actually Jesus, which explains why I still have a few tough relationships.
But enough about me – tell me about you!  let’s chat to see if I am your ideal coach!

How might I be able to help you?