What is the VFF Vision Quest?

The VFF Vision Quest is a one-night, three-day weekend with the purpose of deeply connecting with the friends who are vital to your life and envisioning your goals. This retreat combines elements from both the Casting Your Vision and the Connecting Your Vital Friends workshops.

In a small-group setting, you will engage with a series of goal-setting sessions that will allow you to determine the next steps needed to accomplish your goals—whether they be physical, vocational, financial, spiritual, marital, parental, avocational, or emotional. After each  session, you will take time for personal reflection before having the opportunity to share with and receive feedback from the group. At the end of our time together, we’ll exercise our creativity to assemble individual vision boards so that you will have a visual reminder of the goals you’ve set. The retreat schedule is Friday 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Dates for the next Quest TBA. 

The Retreat fee of $147 includes:

  • five sequential goal-setting sessions
  • spiral-bound workbook
  • a copy of Michael Hyatt’s book, Your Best Year Ever
  • Vital Friends session
  • Vision Board session (materials provided)
  • lunch and snacks on Saturday
  • snacks throughout the day
  • access to a private Facebook group for retreat attendees
  • bonus one-hour individual Strengths coaching session with Madlin in 2018 (a $100 value alone!)

Space is limited so register today!

*Lodging is not included in retreat price. You are welcome to book your own room at the hotel if you would like. Though staying overnight at the hotel is not required, you are highly encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity to get away for the weekend to invest in yourself!

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Interested in the Vision Board session alone?

Have you already set goals for the new year but need a way to keep those goals in front of you? Creating a vision board allows you to encapsulate all your goals for the coming year in one place. Your vision board represents your intentions and provides a visual representation to keep you motivated to chase your dreams. Join us  for an afternoon of guided creativity and vision-casting during our vision board session.

The Vision Board workshop is available as a stand alone session for $47 and includes all vision board materials.

Register for the Vision Board Workshop here!



What Inspired the VFF Vision Quest?

Five years ago, a few of my vital friends and I began a tradition of intentionally working through this process of goal-setting to make our Hairy Audacious Goals less intimidating and more attainable. One of my goals for 2017 was to become a Strengths Coach and integrate the goal-setting process with coaching to offer a dynamic weekend to other women and their vital friends. Having accomplished this goal, I am thrilled to invite you to attend the VFF Vision Quest!

Which Friend (or Friends) Should I Bring With Me?

The VFF Vision Quest is the perfect opportunity for you to grab one (or two) of YOUR vital friends for an intentional time-out to reignite your dreams and map out your goals. Think of the women with whom you do life. Who is a woman who gets you? Picture a woman you can partner with to spur each other on throughout the year? Invite her to join you for the VFF Vision Quest. Bring your BFF!

What If I Don’t Have a VFF to Bring With Me?

No problem! Bring a woman with whom you would like to deepen your friendship. Or, come alone and connect with other attendees–you never know when and where you might discover a new VFF! A VFF is not required to attend. You will learn more about Vital Friends, how to be one, and how to fill in the gaps of Vital Friends in your life. Register now! 

Want to learn more?

Contact Madlin at coach@madlinmangrum.com or (940) 231-3416