What is a Vital Friend?

A Vital Friend, as defined by author Tom Rath, is a friend you can’t afford to live without. They are the friends who are are integral to your growth, the friends who urge you to develop your strengths. Vital Friends cheer you on, challenge you, and coach you. They may be the people with whom you journey through daily routines or mentors you see only occasionally. Regardless, each of them fills a unique role in your life that is necessary for your well-being.

We humans are wired for connection with other people. We possess a deeply-ingrained desire for friendships that will help us live our lives to the fullest.

Vital friends provide just that.

Madlin’s Vital Friends workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to grab a group of YOUR vital friends for an intentional time-out to reconnect and deepen your friendship. Think of the women with whom you do life. Who is a woman who gets you? Picture a woman you can partner with to spur each other on throughout the year?

In each Vital Friends workshop, you will learn:

  • the different types of Vital Friends
  • the value of Vital Friends
  • how to identify who currently fills a Vital Friends role in your life
  • which Vital Friends roles you need someone to fill
  • how you can be a Vital Friend
  • which Vital Friend roles you fill in your friends’ lives
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