What if you were empowered to operate from your unique strengths, rather than focusing on your weaknesses?

With CliftonStrengths, you can.

Based on Tom Rath’s  popular book, StrengthsFinder 2.0, the Clifton Strengths Assessment is an online tool that both identifies and ranks your 34 talents.  Backed by fifty years of research and designed by Gallup, the assessment is easy to navigate and scientifically accurate. Clifton Strengths enables you to leverage your natural talents into strengths.

Madlin is a Strengths Coach certified by Gallup. Her Top Five Strengths are Connectedness, Positivity, Ideation, Developer, and Empathy. Using these strengths along with others, Madlin is ready to help you achieve your goals by exploring and developing your own unique strengths.  Madlin offers workshops that will assist you in:

  • discovering your talents
  • defining your strengths in-depth
  • developing a game-plan for turning your talents in strengths
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